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Ultimate Nutrition Recipe Collection

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Our Ultimate Nutrition Bundle Collection is perfect for you If...

You want to Sell Your Own Digital Fitness/Nutrition Products For Passive Income?

Now you can!

You want Super Easy & Simple product where you can add your Own Branding & Logos on Canva - Ready to use to add value for your clients or to sell for extra income or use them as lead magnets to generate new client

Your clients have trouble coming up with healthy recipes or don’t know what to eat or you run challenges, you can now send them your own personalised healthy nutrition ebooks

Get clients results! - These customisable Ebooks are approved by a Nutritionist and designed by a professional graphic designer, , save time writing and creating your own recipes or nutrition for 6 week challenges , we've done it all for you!

Ultimate Nutrition Recipe Collection

Total Value: $497

Today's Special: $97

What Do I Actually Get?

a) 7x Customisable Nutrition Recipe Ebooks

Professionally Created for you to use in your Fitness Business

b) A Variety of Healthy & Simple Recipes

  • Protein Healthy Recipes

  • Breakfast Recipes

  • Quick Easy Snacks

  • Healthy Dinners & Lunches

  • Vegan Recipes

  • 6 Week Clean Eating Meal Plan

  • Keto Recipes

c) Change every program and eBook in any way so that it suits your business in an easy & free software on Canva!

Add your logo, change the text, change the colours or font and claim them as your own when you use & sell

d) 6 Week Clean Eating Meal Plan

e) FREE Nutrition Mini Course

Register and get FREE Access to our "Nutrition Mini for PTs" course valued at $97

f) 2x Customisable Habit Tracker Print Outs For Clients

Want to set habits for your clients to help them achieve their goals? Send them this customisable template as a Value Ad!

g) 7 Day Challenge Template + 30 Day Challenge Template + BONUS Core Workout Challenge

Customisable Challenge Templates - Add your own logo and Challenge Ideas

h) Money Back Guarantee

If you complete the course and at the end don't believe it was good value... You will receive a 100% refund!

Ultimate Nutrition Recipe Collection

Total Value: $497

Today's Special: $97


"I've just completed the online essential social media course and can honestly say that its content far exceeded my expectations. The knowledge I've gained in such a short period of time has actually been more beneficial to my business than a $2500 mentoring course I completed last year. Although I haven't personally Travis, I feel like he is extremely enthusiastic about our industry. His videos are packed full of information and are well presented and professional. It is blatantly obvious that he is genuine and happy to share all of his expertise and knowledge in order for your business to be a success. Thank you guys, will definitely be signing up for more courses in the future."

Deborah Byrne, FEO Student

"My name is Nell and I am a PT who specialises in training women over 40. I have been learning how to run an online bootcamp while running my normal group fitness and the information is wonderful...just love your stuff Jono. I spent 18K with another mob and their content and online was nowhere up to your level of practical doable information that has boosted my income and my sense of leadership. Would thoroughly recommend this course and the community."

Jennelle, FEO Student

"OMG, the Online Essentials Social Media course is amazing! I'm really enjoying it Jono, and funnily enough it feels more relevant and is so much more enjoyable than the $8000 Diploma I've almost finished with another company. Seriously, I highly recommend the Online Essentials Social Media course to everyone!"

Trinity Roberts Brial, FEO Student

"Amazing course options, 110% professionalism and super quick responses to any questions I had. Highly recommend these guys.. I completed 2 courses in a week and didn't lose a cent from my business... I actually made money. ✌"

FEO Students

‘‘Ashy Bines here! I've known Jono from Fitness Education Online for a long time now and we've worked pretty closely together in the past and he knows a thing or two about running a successful bootcamp! If you're trainer looking to grow your Bootcamp i'd definitely recommend talking to Jono- easy going ,fun and doesnt complicate things!"

Ashy Bines, FEO Student

‘‘I have been doing the Social Media Essentials Course and I am loving it. I have grown my Instagram following from 400 to over 1200 followers in a short time just by using what is taught in the course. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of doing it. What is covered in the course has really helped me improve my social media knowledge."

Mark, FEO Student

Ultimate Nutrition Recipe Collection

Total Value: $497

Today's Special: $97