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Pregnancy Summit: What Fitpro's Need To Know About Training Pregnant & Post Natal Women

3 Day Live Program starts Tuesday 15th November

What's covered

Tuesday 15th November

Session 1: Changes in the body during and after pregnancy - Mish Wright
Session 2: Exercise considerations when training pregnant / post natal women - Brooke Turner

Wednesday 16th November

Session 1: Running training in pregnant / post natal women - Jen Dugard

Session 2: Resistance training in pregnant / post natal women - Clare Hozack

Thursday 17th November

Session 1: The business of training pregnant / post natal women - Jen Dugard

Session 2: The pelvic floor in pregnant / post natal women - Kirstyn Campbell

Note: If you can't make the sessions live, no problem - you get lifetime access to all the replays!



Mish Wright

"Writer | Educator | Speaker.

Exercise Professional | Business Mentor | Passionate about women's health"

As a passionate advocate, business / career mentor and women's health educator, I am actively creating a new approach for the health industry by creating educational tools, programs and solutions. I am passionate about making exercise more inclusive. And have created a number of online courses around women's health, older adults, empathy and inclusion.


Jen Dugard

"Pre & Postnatal | Educator | Fitness Business Coach"

For the past 15years I have been working within the fitness industry not only as a personal & group trainer specifically for mums but I have been building businesses. I knew as soon as I got into the fitness industry that I wanted to make long lasting change, which could only be done by being successful in business, not just as a PT.


Brooke Turner

"Balance Fitness & Nutrition"

I’m Brooke, I’m a Mum of three, ocean goer, sun seeker, adventure enthusiast and lover of ALL things health, fitness and the great outdoors!

Professionally I am an international health & fitness educator, speaker and writer specialising in exercise and nutrition for pregnancy and motherhood and helping women find a balanced approach to healthy, active living for long term mental AND physical wellbeing.

I have over 13 years experience in the health & fitness industry, am a tertiary qualified nutritionist and exercise scientist, and trainer.


Clare Hozack

"Managing Director at IntoYou"

Clare Hozack is a Level 3 Master Personal Trainer, Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach, Burrell Education Master Trainer, and Power Plate Master Trainer.

She is an ex-Australian Sailing Team athlete and has experienced deep core dysfunction first hand. Between all the trainers at IntoYou, we have also experienced cancer, eating disorders, bullying, alcohol abuse, and more. We get you, and we will make your life better!!.


Kirstyn Campbell

"Trainer & Presenter at KC Fit & KC Fit @ HOME | Mums Specialized Fitness Trainer"

I’m driven and passionate to train women safely, repairing and building strong core foundations. Learning how to listen to my body, how to train myself safely and effectively is what drives me to help other mums from going through what I have (by separating my tummy from top to bottom when my daughter was 7 years old).

Pregnancy Summit: What Fitpro's Need To Know About Training Pregnant & Post Natal Women

Total Value: $297

Today's Special: $97

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Speakers will run you through a weekly live group session for 3 days. Every day will consist of a different topic.

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c) Q and A at the end of each call

At the end of each call, you will the opportunity to ask the speakers any questions specific to your personal situation.

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At the completion of the 3 days, we will submit the course to AUSactive to approved for CECs. This process will take 4-6 weeks after the course is completed.

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Pregnancy Summit: What Fitpro's Need To Know About Training Pregnant & Post Natal Women

Total Value: $297

Today's Special: $97